Our Story

Matt Stahl and Greg Naylor worked at the same large financial institution for about four years before leaving together to form Fiat Wealth Management in 2009. In economic textbooks, the term ‘fiat currency’ is loosely defined as ‘faith-based currency.’ The U.S. dollar is today a fiat currency, meaning that is has no physical backing such as gold or silver. Critics argue that this is a weakness. Fiat, however, sees this as an example of the importance of trust, and even faith, for economic relationships to exist. When a parent gives a child a dollar for school, it is a vote of confidence and faith. When an individual invests a dollar, they do so because they have faith that the underlying business will succeed. Without some amount of faith in each other, economic relationships both on a large and small scale cannot exist. Trust is the bedrock of the work at Fiat Wealth Management.

Our Future

In 2011, Greg and Matt were approached by GT Financial Advisors, LLC, an exclusive network of independent advisors, to join their group. Honored to receive an invitation to this group, Fiat Wealth Management and a dozen or so other members are able to share experience and knowledge with each other.

The year 2014 has solidified another relationship for Fiat. We are lucky to have Matt Germscheid join our firm as a Private Wealth Manager. Matt has been an independent financial planner for over 10 years and has developed a strong working relationship and friendship with Matt and Greg. His expertise in complex financial issues surrounding retirement issues adds to the strength of our team.

In 2015, Greg established his own Registered Investment Advisor, Fiat Asset Management.


Matt Stahl – Private Wealth Manager/Partner/CEO

Matt - headshot b-w 9-2013

Matt lives with his wife, Katie, and three sons, Owen, Charlie, and Benjamin, and their Vizsla, Molly in Long Lake, MN.  Matt attended the University of Iowa and received a B.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Business Management in 2003.

After graduation, he accepted a position as a design and sales engineer at Vessel   Systems in Dubuque, Iowa. Matt advanced to a management position in a matter of months. This introduced him to the world of small business and relationship management, both of which became his passion. He values the personal connection between his clients and him, and loves the opportunity to apply creative financial strategies to help them reach their objectives.

In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  He is active in many sports and loves to spend time outside.  He also enjoys cooking great food, and holistic health and fitness.

He has been active in the community, including serving as President of his local Chamber of Commerce, serving as a member of the Orono Rotary club, and participating in Junior Achievement.
Matt Germscheid – Private Wealth Manager

MG HSSince 2004, Matt Germscheid has been helping families, grow, manage, protect, and transfer their wealth as efficiently as possible.  He has a special talent for translating complex financial issues into simple, understandable concepts.  Matt has received extensive education and training specifically dealing with complex financial issues surrounding retirement accounts, investment management, and protection planning.  Matt holds his Series 7 and 66 licenses, is life and health insurance certified, and is a Certified Retirement Planning Counselor.

Matt is an independent financial planner using Woodbury Financial as his broker dealer.   Prior to becoming an independent planner, Matt worked at Ameriprise Financial as a financial advisor and advisor coach.  He graduated from St. John’s University with a Math degree in 2004 and started his career soon after.   He and his wife Brianne have two children, Claire and Henry.   Matt loves to play golf and racquetball and is currently a depressed Minnesota Vikings fan.