Lessons on Staying the Course

  If you keep up with any of my personal life on social media, you know that our family has had a busy summer. Before getting into that, we have also had a very busy summer at Fiat settling into our new office location in Wayzata. We are extremely excited to find a new long […]

Market Update July 2017

    Courtesy of our friend and colleague Greg Naylor:       July was generally a month of continued asset gains, although some institutional investors are starting to suggest individuals start dialing back risk.  In the U.S., repeal of Obamacare failed to pass again.  Optimists hope this means that the government will move on […]

Market Update June 2017

June was generally a month of continued asset gains, although some investors were made a little nervous by some comments from the European Central Bank.  In the U.S., tweets continue to be plentiful and new legislation remains scarce.  Despite the worry areas, the economy continues to grow and continues to add jobs.   Stocks & […]

Market Update May 2017

                    May was a month of continued stock market growth, with a backdrop of increasing political turmoil in the U.S.  It appears less likely that a distracted President Trump will bring tax reform anytime soon, nonetheless the current drumbeat in the market is economic recovery, low […]

10 Years in the Books

My wife, Katie, and I are heading out for a week to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, hooray! We are going to spend some time in the San Francisco area and make a visit to wine country while there. Our wonderful support staff will be handling all requests while we enjoy our time out […]

Color vs Black & White

Are you sure? This is a question that I have chosen to ask myself on a regular basis lately. This idea comes from Thich Nhat Hanh – as a way to encourage us to get unstuck from rigid perceptions. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, poet, scholar, and peace activist. He was nominated […]

Market Update April 2017

                    We are fortunate to have our esteemed friend Greg share his Market Updates with us. Please take a moment to review this important information. Dear Client, April was a month of corporate earnings announcements in the U.S., and a slow-down in the political arena. Earnings […]

Fiat in the Community

Thanks to PPR charity tournament for hosting a great day on Sunday.  I am pumped to support the Ronald McDonald House.  Even had a great time and played great golf.   Matt


DIVERSIFICATION, it’s one of those words that some of us may hear in passing and don’t give much thought.  It is one of those buzzwords, one of those ‘should do’ items on our list.  Over the series of the next three posts, we are going to talk through the three different types of diversification that […]

Market Update January 2016

JANUARY 2016 January was an eventful month, as stocks around the world had one of their worst starts in history. Many market commentators believe that the bad news from China is currently the strongest influence on markets. Worries about China are for the moment drowning out the good news in the U.S., as preliminary estimates […]